Job Opportunities

Early Academics Officer | Child Care Associates | Download Job Description

Child Care Associates (CCA), the largest child development nonprofit organization in North Texas, has served over 545,000 vulnerable young children and their families since 1968. Regional support for young children has increased over the past 5 years, creating an opportunity to propel CCA’s services and the early learning system to new levels of impact and quality. CCA is creating a novel position – the Early Academics Officer (EAO) – to advance its early childhood education programs and influence systems level change.

As a member of CCA’s leadership team, the EAO will advance the organization’s mission to assist family successes through excellence in comprehensive early learning and development services, as well as shape the community’s early learning context. He or she will also maintain early child development expertise and disseminate this knowledge to staff on an ongoing basis. The EAO will report directly to the Head Start Director and work closely with the Chief Executive Officer. The Early Head Start Coordinator, School District Partnership Coordinator, Education Coordinator and Professional Development Coordinator will report directly to the EAO. The complete job description and details can be downloaded here.

Early Childhood Grantee Specialist | Booz Allen Hamilton | Download Job Description

Booz Allen Hamilton is seeking an Early Childhood Grantee Specialist to:

  • Provide intensive on-site training and technical assistance to grantees with program and management compliance findings identified through the federal monitoring process. Maintain regular and timely communication with the appropriate regional office staff and provide regular debriefing meetings following on-site visits, participation in risk management meetings, staffing, and other meetings;
  • Work with grantees with concerns identified through Regional Office oversight process and other data sources, such as the Program Information Report (PIR), refunding application analysis, and monthly enrollment reporting;
  • Provide grantees with training and technical assistance designed to help them strengthen their internal systems; and
  • Develop and provide training in topical areas to audiences, including Regional Office staff, grantees, and state partners.

This position will require travel in the 5 states, including Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas, identified as the Federal Region 6, and will be able to work from home the remaining time. The complete job description and details can be downloaded here.